Pediatrics on Broadway, a Member of Consensus Health, participates with most major insurance companies and is always adding new plans.

Please contact us directly to confirm that your specific plan option is accepted. For a current list of plans, please click here.


If your plan requires you to have a referral, you might be asked to come in for an appointment. If you do not need to come in for an appointment, we ask that you give us one week notice to get the referral done.

When you call for a referral, dial ext. 31 and leave the following information:

  1. Your child’s name (please spell the last name)
  2. Your insurance name and ID number
  3. The doctor you are going to see and the date of your appointment
  4. The reason for the referral
  5. Phone number where you can be reached during office hours.

    I would like to discuss:

    I am a new patientExisting patient